Red Chair Moments is…

“Feel good truths of real life events that nurture and encourage the soul.”


“Uplifting and often give me a different perspective.”


“A window into my friend’s soul. I get to see what God is teaching her and ponder how I can apply that to my life.”


“Red Chair Moments is the conquest of a warrior poet, fighting for the hearts of all who would find, through the wielding of the pen in her hand, a peace found only in the contemplative gaze toward Him.”


“A quiet corner where I find encouragement in my walk with Christ; a place to pause in the busyness of life and be renewed.”


“Very inspirational and leaves you with a different way to look at things in life in a Godly way.” 


“I look forward to reading Red Chair Moments and seeing just how God is using His servant to reach others for His Kingdom.”

~Nancy A.

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