What do you get when you combine brick building imaginative play plus thirty-five most beloved Bible stories? Answer: the Brick Builders Illustrated Bible. This exciting Bible combines the 3D animation by illustrator Antony Evans with the writing skills of Emily Dammer.

The Brick Builders Illustrated Bible consists of fifteen Old Testament and twenty-one New Testament stories. Contained within the colorful pages are classic stories. For instance, David and Goliath, Sampson, Noah’s Ark, Moses, and the Birth of Christ. These stories come to life with a strong biblical message and bold brick design.

Each story begins with a title and scripture reference and concludes with a “Building Block” takeaway. These takeaways allow for the reader and child to apply the Biblical principles to their own life.  Examples of these takeaways include, “Obey God,” “Trust God,” “Believe in Jesus,” and “Spread the Good News.”

The thirty-five stories average six pages in length with large font for easy reading. This full-color hardback book consists of 224 pages and retails at $17.99.

The Brick Builders Illustrated Bible is a brilliant idea to keep little hands and minds busy with bricks while learning practical application from God’s Word.

Mom, Dad, and Grandparent, I highly recommend adding The Brick Builders Illustrated Bible to your Christmas shopping list.

~April Dawn White|  ©2018 All Rights Reserved

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