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On the Way to Uncertainty

GPS PixabayWe met a life long friend on the way to the Uncertainty.

Neither my husband nor I programmed Uncertainty into the GPS. Yet somehow, we landed in this foreign land, a place where everything seems familiar, but simultaneously distant.

God pulled our content family of four off road for a 4×4 adventure without the benefit of a map or warning. The trailhead began when a rare neuromuscular disease hijacked my body, my marriage, and the lives of my children.

I surrendered my control and self-sufficiency when I surrendered the medical leave of absence forms to my employer. As the primary wage earner for our home, I wondered what to do.

On the way to Uncertainty, we met Jehovah Jireh, the Hebrew name for God given by Abraham, which means “The Lord Who Provides.” God knows:

  • The complications of this rare disease
  • What gene possesses this genetic glitch
  • My ranging emotions and my anxious heartTrailhead Pixabay
  • When I will return to work and to what capacity
  • My new limitations
  • When the mortgage is due
  • If we have to sell the house
  • If I need a single story wheel chair accessible home

God has a habit of meeting people on the way.  

  • On the way to draw water, the Samaritan woman met Jesus at the well (John 4).
  • On the way to reconcile with his older brother, Jacob wrestled with God. (Genesis 32:22)
  • While fleeing a bad home life, Hagar met the Lord on the way to Shur. (Genesis 16)
  • On the way to Damascus to arrest and persecute Christ followers, Paul meets Christ himself. This meeting radically transformed the trajectory of his life. (Acts 9)

God specializes in meeting people in crisis. When He meets you on the way, you will never be the same. Meeting God on the way to through your current circumstance does not mean you will bypass the trail. Rather, you will more of God through the journey together.

Our family did not plan to travel to the land of Uncertainty, but God met us along the way. His provision and abundance of peace makes the trek, “well with my soul.”

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What about you? Has there been a time in your life when God met you on the way? If so please share below.

If you enjoy the great outdoors, check out John Baranowski’s Appalachian Hiking site and his wife Barbara’s book, In God’s Creation: Devotions for the Outdoors.

Happy trails to you!

~April Dawn White

*All Scripture is NIV from Bible Gateway. *Images courtesy of Pixabay.

© 2016 April Dawn White, All rights reserved

The Lord Delivers

 “Call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me.” (Psalm 50:15)

3 booksThree books rest in my lap as I sit across from God’s throne. Knees touching with the Almighty, I expose my heavy heart and pray.  Shuffling the books on my lap, I grasp my prayer journal. The pages of my journal quickly fill as I pray for others and then note my dilemmas. Problems tumble onto the pages like a box of newborn puppies climbing on the other to escape.

I am in a waiting season. I wish God would highlight on my calendar the end of my waiting season . I know what to expect in the spring, summer, harvest, and winter season. However, a waiting season eludes my rational mind. I wait and pray.

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Faith in God includes faith in His timing

I rearrange the books once more and continue reading chapter two of The Red Sea Rules by Robert Morgan. I am rereading this book a second time in four months. This short one hundred and twenty-page book explains, “The same God who led you in will lead you out.”

The chapter concludes with this verse:

 “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.”God didn't bring you graphic

(Psalm 34:19)

 Shuffling the books once more, I open my Bible and savor these morsels:

 “I sought the Lord and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears.” (Psalm 34:4)

 “The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him and He delivers them.” (Psalm 34:7)

 “Those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.” (Psalm 34:10)

 “Call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me.” (Psalm 50:15)

 “God is faithful…He will also provide a way out.” (1 Corinthians 10:13)

When doubt and worry creeps up, I acknowledge God is faithful.

He will also provide a way out and “It is well with my soul.”

~April Dawn White

*All Scripture is NIV from Bible Gateway. *Images courtesy of author and PicCollage.

© 2016 April Dawn White, All rights reserved

Customs and Boarder Crossing

wooden bench with logoThis weekend I headed south and crossed the boarder into North Carolina. During the next four days, Red Chair Moments is on location at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christians Writers Conference. Thankful for the strength to walk, I nestled into a secluded area of Ridgecrest’s prayer garden.

Today, I traded my little red chair for a wooden bench. Dragging the weathered wooden bench adjacent to God’s throne, knees touching with the Almighty, I pray Samuel’s simple prayer, Speak, your servant is listening” (1 Samuel 3:10). Opening God’s Word, my eyes fixate on the highlighted words: “This was Job’s regular custom” (Job 1:5).

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The wooden bench creaks as I lean back. “What was Job’s regular custom?” I ponder as early morning sunlight dances across the babbling brook on Black Mountain. I run my thumbnail across the armrest, scraping away lichen. Returning to Job, I read, “Early in the morning he would sacrifice a burnt offering” (Job 1:5). Job’s regular customs were to rise early each morning to offer prayer, praise, and sacrifices to the Lord, on behalf of himself and his family.

As the story of Job’s life unfolds, we learn God allowed the Enemy to test Job’s faith. Early in his trial, Job reacted in his regular custom of prayer and praise, “Then he fell to the ground in worship…The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised” (Job 1:20-21).Rutland Chapel with logo

In the middle of the trial, when God was silent, Job continued his regular custom of praise and exclaimed, “Yet I am not silenced by the darkness, by the thick darkness that covers my face” (Job 23:17). Job did not allow God’s silence to silence his praise.

Praise and prayer were Job’s regular customs.

Job’s life was book-ended by prayer and praise. The book of Job concludes, “The Lord accepted Job’s prayer. After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord made him prosperous again and game him twice as much as he had before” (Job 42:9-10).

The book of Job ends revealing God’s regular custom of His endless faithfulness, compassion, long-suffering, goodness, favor, kindness, and restoring power towards His faithful children. “The Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the first” (Job: 42:12).

RidgecrestJob crossed into the land of uncertainty with God, but held tightly to his regular customs of prayer and praise. Have you crossed the boarder into the land of uncertainty? Do you have a regular customs with God?

I am encouraged to remain faithful to my regular customs of praise and prayer. Knowing, God will remain faithful to His regular customs of blessing, makes “It well with my soul.”

~April Dawn White

On location at Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, Black Mountain, NC.

No Manna, But I am Amply Supplied

Rubbing the slManna eep from my eyes, I squint outside. Unable to see, I retrieve my glasses and return to the window. The situation is, as I suspected, no manna. It is just as well, manna is probably a starchy carbohydrate, which I cannot eat because it triggers a paralyzing attack. I lean back in my red chair and sip liquid mercy. I am thankful for the strength to raise the coffee mug to my lips.

“Quail, Lord. I can eat quail. You fed your people with oodles of quail.” The obvious lack of manna and request for quail is more than a desire to fill my tummy. Today is my first day of total dependence on God, my first day without a paycheck.

For the past forty years, my strong-willed, determined, and tenacious personality has gotten me this far. However, quail and mannaI am now at a place where I cannot will myself out of paralysis and muscle weakness. I expected a full recovery within the twelve weeks of my short-term disability. I never imagined something like this to ravage my body so quickly and last this long.

The manna aka short-term disability income ran out.

Glancing down at my phone, I notice a missed call. I return the call and my friend apologizes for the early interruption.  She explains “April, I heard the song “I AM by David Crowder this morning on the radio, I feel like God wanted me to call you today to tell you whatever you need God says, I AM.” I share with my friend, that  today is the first day of truly walking by faith and not by sight. Her call was a divine appointment to encourage me today.

Whatever you need, God says, I AM. 

I AM is God’s nOld Book or Bible Pixabayame. I AM is the way God Almighty introduced himself to Moses in the desert. The same I AM that provided manna and quail for His people for over forty years, is also providing for me.

The manna stopped the day after they ate this food from the [Promised] land; there was no longer any manna for the Israelites, but that year they ate of the produce of Canaan.” (Joshua 5:12)

Pulling from my Scripture, my friend’s phone call, and an online sermon, God reminds me that He provides a new supply of provision for each new season. The Israelites no longer needed to dine on manna and quail alone. God had delivered them to the land of abundance.

Whatever I need, God is I AM.

 I AM                        .

I AM amply supplied.  (Philippians 4:18)

I trust the Lord for His unique provision in a new season of my life. New season equals new supply. I AM amply supplied and “it is well with my soul.”

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If you are in a season void of manna, I encourage you to watch the sermon “He Took the Manna Off the Menu” by Steven Furtick.

P.S. I wrote this article a month ago, but it never felt the right time to share. Since then, my husband has been on strike with Verizon. Even after a month of no manna from any previous sources. I can say: God is good. He will supply all your needs, and I AM amply supplied.

~April Dawn White                      

*All Scripture is NIV from Bible Gateway. *Images courtesy of Pixabay.
© 2016 April Dawn White, All rights reserved

Buoyant Joy

Bass boat Smith Mountain Lake“Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.” (Hebrews 10:23)

Bass boats skim across the lake, a rooster tail of water rockets into the air. Spring yawns as petioles stretch open uncurling their true purpose. The leaves are on full display today narrowing my view of the main channel. In the center of my view, a “No Wake” buoy bobs as the bass boats disturb its quiet resting place.

This buoyant channel maker captivates my attention. It never sinks. Waves toss the buoy to and fro kissing the water, always returning to its upright position.sunset water buoy Pixabay

“Joy is not mere happiness. Nor does joy spring from a life of ease, comfort, or peaceful circumstances. Joy is the soul’s buoyant response to a God of promise, presence, and power.”–Susan Lenzkes

Buoy: noun/  a floating object anchored in water to mark something (as a channel)

Buoy: verb/ to mark by a buoy, to keep afloat, to raise the spirits of

Buoyancy: noun/ the power of a fluid to exert an upward force on a body placed in it, resilience of spirit.

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It does not guarantee the absence of a storm; rather it guarantees the ability to bounce back.

A buoy is anchored in water with the purpose of marking the main channel. Our faith and joy are anchored to His living water.  We serve as channel markers, guiding those in the midst of the storm to stay on course, encouraging others as we bob along.

Even though thick fog impedes my future, I know the One to whom I’m anchored. Knowing I will bounce back because He is the God over the storm assufog dock Pixabayres me “It is well with my soul.”

~April Dawn White

*All Scripture is NIV from Bible Gateway. *Images courtesy of author or Pixabay.

© 2016 April Dawn White, All rights reserved

I Will Protect You: Lesson Learned on the Ball Field

Written by April Dawn White

softball pixabayCheers and chatter erupts from the dugout as a passel of ten and eleven-year-old-girls chant, “If I were you and you were me, I’d scoot your bootie back. I’d scoot your bootie back.”

Over the chatter of the opposing team, my daughter overhears the coach call her name. Rachel jogs from left field to receive instruction. Although, I cannot hear the conversation, I can see his action. The coach has called Rachel in as the relief pitcher.

Rachel approaches the mound and throws a few warm up pitches. Andrew, her brother, runs to the mound to deliver her face mask (a required piece of equipment). Rachel shakes her head from side to side, refusing to wear it for the warm up.

Pacing behind the bleachers, I holler, “Wear the mask! I made that face and I will protect that face!” The other parents and the umpire turn to me and we all laugh.

The umpire turns back to Rachel and says, “Pitcher, bases are loaded and you have zero outs.” My pacing continues as I sarcastically murmur under my breath, “Great, just great.”

As the game continues, the words I yelled across the ball field echo in my mind. “I made that face. I will protect that face.” God reminds me of a similar statement found in the Old Testament:

“I have made you and I will carry you. I will sustain you and I will rescue you.” (Isaiah 46:4)

On the ball field today, God spoke to my heart. He reminded me:

  • When a health crisis comes out of left field or when life throws you a curve ball, remember that the same God who made you will protect you.softball-pixabay

  • Be ready, watch, and listen for the coach’s voice. We never know when God will call our name for our next assignment, but we need to be listening intently to His voice over the chatter of this world.

Even though a neuromuscular disease struck me out of left field, today God reminded me that the same God who made me will protect me. I am listening to His voice and “It is well with my soul.”

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