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Photo courtesy of 88.5 Lite FMThe biggest battle I face is not wondering about direction in my current season. The biggest battle I face is trusting God has already won the battle on my behalf.

I love to highlight passages of scripture where God uses past tense grammar to describe a current or future victory. Here are a few of my favorites:


Joshua and Jericho

“See I have delivered Jericho into your hands.” (Joshua 6:2, NIV)

Joshua stands before a small city fortified with tall walls. Assessing the giant walls, God said, “See I have delivered Jericho into your hands.” I wish I could see the look on Joshua’s face at that moment. Queue the climatic music. Staring up at the walls, did he have a look of skepticism or determination? Before God offers an unusual battle plan, He assured Joshua, “I have delivered” this city into your PIxabay

Joshua entered into battle from the stance of victory.

Moses’ Commission

“See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared.” Exodus 23:20-31 (NIV)

Moses led a million march–a motley crew of former slaves, out of Egypt through the Red Sea towards freedom. God in is mighty way parted the Red Sea and the people marched right through toward freedom. Before the split, God assured Moses, “I am sending an angel ahead of you…to a place I have prepared.”

With Pharaoh and the entire Egyptian army closing in behind, Moses walked in a stance of victory on dry ground as he crossed the Red Sea.

Gideon’s Call

“Get up! The Lord has given the Midianite camp into your hands.” (Judges 7:15, NIV)

A chapter before, the Lord finds Gideon hiding from the enemy. Now God has called him to fight. Before God issues an unusual battle plan (by the way, most of God’s battle strategies are unusual) He assures Gideon, “The Lord has given” the enemy into your hands.

Gideon enters into battle from a stance of victory.

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sword-790815_1920 pixabayWe can learn from Joshua, Moses, and Gideon. These men faced insurmountable circumstances, yet they entered into battle from a stance of victory.

Before God issues an unusual battle plan, for our lives we can rest assure He has already prepared our future and delivered the victory.

What battle are you facing?  The victory is already yours. Go get it.

If you need musical motivation, I recommend listening to Go Get It by Mary Mary.

~April Dawn White

*All Scripture is NIV from Bible Gateway. *Images courtesy of Pixabay and 88.5 Lite FM

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One less Problem

motorway-driving PIxabayRachel and I zoom down the road, music blasting, and heads be-bopping to the rhythm. I love these days, just the two of us. Rachel, my ten-and-a-half-year-old disc jockey carefully selects another song. I’m not surprised when she chooses Pentatonix’s cover song Problem, by Ariana Grande.

 If you’re not familiar with the song click here to listen.

The chorus of this song replays in my mind like a broken record.  But today, I hear this song in a whole new light. Rather than focusing on the song’s intended meaning, I hear this song as a warrior in God’s army looking Satan squarely in the eye and repeating the famous chorus.

I’m battling more than my health. When will I gain strength to return to work? What about our finances? Will need to move? Do I need a single story wheelchair accessible home?Me and Rachel 2015

What I don’t need is the Enemy getting all up in my business. The Enemy is trying to pry into my head, confuse theology, and warp truth.

I ask Rachel to reply the song. “Really?” her face brightens.

“Yes please.” I say. “Rachel, think of this song not as a boyfriend bugging you, but as the Enemy bugging you. Look at it from that perspective. This is not a Christian song, but it has significant spiritual application.”

Rachel drops her head and peers at me over top her glasses. “Mom, are you going to blog about this?”

A Cheshire cat grin spreads across my face. “You betcha!”cheshire-cat-CROPPED Pixabay

I tune out the lies of the Enemy and I tune into the voice of God, thus giving me one less problem to worry about.

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and he will come near to you.” (James 4:7-8, NIV)

Even though my troubles are many, I listen to God’s voice and “It is well with my soul.”

~April Dawn White

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Battle Songs

sword-918542_1920 PixabayExasperated and weary from battle I attempt to stand. I am fighting a duplicitous battle, a physical and spiritual battle. Daily I struggle with morning paralysis and extreme weakness.

Physically, I battle a yet-to-be-named neuromuscular disorder. I am waiting for genetic testing to be approved by my insurance so I can name (and slay) this beast. Steading myself, I rise to stand, cautious to have a hand, chair, or hand ready to grasp. My legs wobble like a foal learning to walk. It seems as though my legs have forgotten their purpose.

I reach for my marred sword. I cannot raise my arms; the disease has me frozen in a myotonic state. I hold my battered spiritual sword and pray. I’m weary, worn, and beat.

This second battle is spiritual. The Enemy is attacking me. I can’t see him, but I feel the effects. While I don’t know the name of my neuromuscular battle, I do know the name of the one instigating this second battle. His name is Satan, the Enemy, the serpent, and the Accuser.

Each day, I pull my red chair God’s throne, touching knees with the Almighty. I hear these battle songs echoing around me. Donning on “full armor of God” as referenced in Ephesians six, I seek the Lord’s face and strength for both battles.

Here are a list and link of my favorite battle songs:

Victor’s Crown by Darlene Zschech

Rooftops by Jesus Culture

Overcomer by Mandisa

It Is Well by Kristene DiMarco and Bethel music

No Longer Slaves by Jonathan David and Melissa HelserArmy-boots-cropped-by-Brian-Merrill-pixabay

Break Every Chain by Jesus Culture

I Will Bless the Lord by Byron Cage

Till the Walls Come Down by Martha Munizzi

Holy Spirit by Kim Walker Smith

Even though I continue to battle, it is well with my soul.

Keep marching!

~April Dawn White

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Faithful and Able

This imaHeart thumbprint Red Chair Momentsge makes me happy!

What makes me even happier is the story behind this image.

This week I texted a friend a link to the song, Good, Good Father by HouseFiresII (the Bethel music version featuring Amy Renee). I shared this video clip on yesterday’s post titled; What Song is God Singing over You.

I know there are many different artists currently singing this song, but the Amy Renee version is my all-time FAV-OR-ITE! Around the four minute mark, she begins to sing from the heart. Since it is not part of the original song lyrics I can share her words:

He is faithful, faithful, faithful. He is able, able, able. 

Faithful and able are the key ingredients to the balm healing my heart.  Knowing this, my friend (singer, writer, and artist) Sonia Hancock designed this image especially for Red Chair Moments!

Now you know the story behind today’s Friday Freebie. This image is a free public domain image created for me to share with you.  Download it and make Valentine Day cards, book marks etc.

Happy Friday!


What Song is God Singing Over You?

Heart thumbprint

Designed especially for Red Chair Moments by Sonia Hancock

A gaggle of children ran down the hall, anxious to beat the bell. Meanwhile, my friend and I met to pray in the school cafeteria. Prior to praying for me, she asked two heart searching questions.

First she asked, “What song is God singing over you?  

“You mean, God singing over me in Zephaniah 3:17?” I questioned back.

“Exactly!” she remarked.

“I don’t know. I’ve never actually thought about God singing over me.”   I replied.

“You should think about it. God is singing over you.” She continued, “Ask Him.”

“The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness ; he will quiet you by his love;  he will exult over you with loud singing.” (Zephaniah 3:17, ESV)

The following morning, I prayed, “Lord, please reveal what song you’re singing over me. Please sing louder, because I can’t hear you.”  Cupping my mug of liquid mercy, I gazed out the window. It felt like an eternity passed. I begged, “Lord, please sing louder.”

A soft tune waltzed in my mind and I began to hum. Words joined the dance and I began to sing “Good, Good Father”

by Housefires II.

God tenderly reminded me I was not alone in my struggle. He is my Abba Father. He is a good father.  He has his fingerprints all over my life and I am loved by Him!

Friend, I ask you the same soul searching question. What song is God singing over you in your current season?


P.S. Stay tuned next week for the second heart searching question.

Create New Brain Cells

With each passing year, I become more acutely aware of my mind, or lack thereof.  I struggle with word retrieval and remembering facts.

This topic is embarrassing for me to admit; however, last January I had a serious conversation with my physician. I was concerned I had early onset Alzheimer’s. My physician smiled and responded “April, welcome to middle age.” She stressed the importance of learning something new in effort to create

NeViolin Music Fireworks pixabayurogenesis

At one time scientists thought we were born with all the brain cells we would ever have. However, in 1962, Joseph Altman debunked this theory. His findings were ignored for decades until further research showed brain cell regeneration occurred in non-primates and humans, a concept called neurogenesis. [1]

Neurogenesis: The process by which new nerve cells are generated. [2]

In an effort to create new brain cells, I began to play the violin. The first year I learned to play employing the classical Suzuki method. However, as a southern girl, I prefer Bluegrass over Bach. I was overjoyed when my instructor, Mrs. Peterson, agreed to teach me the fiddle technique. Goodbye Mississippi Hot Dog Twinkle and hello Bile ‘em Cabbage Down.  (I didn’t realize how vastly different violin and fiddle playing can be. If you are curious read “Twelve Questions Violinist Ask about Fiddling.” by Donna Herbert.)Neuron brain cell pixabay

Playing an instrument is a full-body brain workout. When I am struggling with learning a new song, I tell myself, “Fireworks! There are fireworks going off in my brain.” My violin instructor showed this video during a lesson and I was amazed. Please take a few minutes to watch and learn “How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain.” by Anita Collins.


The human brain is capable of sprouting new brain cells (neurons) and forming new connections in the brain. These new connections or paths can be formed after injury (a stroke for example) or when learning something new.

Snow path pixabay Neuroplasticity: The brain’s ability to rewire itself by forming new connections or paths. [3]

Our habits form paths or tracks in the brain.[4] Imagine a heavy blanket of snow outside your front door. Every day when you walk to the mail box you walk in the same path as the day before. The snow continues to build, but your path never varies. Then one day, you decide to do something new and go off the path. At first, it is difficult because this is uncharted territory. As you forge ahead you create a new path, a new neural connection. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to do something new. Create new brain cells.

We can build new neural pathways by taking Robert Frost’s advice and take the road less traveled.

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“Rock. Stop. Ready. Play

~April Dawn White


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