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My head was pounding, no doubt due to the haze of yellow pollen that enveloped Ridgecrest, North Carolina. I walked to class early to reserve a seat. Steve Laube’s class filled up quickly, everyone vying to listen to this legendary literary agent. If I hurried, I would have time to return to my room, grab a Coke Zero™ and swallow a handful of ibuprofen, and allergy medication.
As I approached my building I saw my friend Sandra, sitting at an outdoor table. She didn’t see me walk up and I pondered whether to stop and say hello before or after grabbing headache medicine. I felt a nudge to stop now rather than later. “Honey, are you okay?” Her tearful eyes answered my question.  
An hour earlier, author Susan May Warren gave the keynote address. She spoke of her experiences as a missionary in Russia. She captivated the audience, by her true story of God’s protection and provision, while being held hostage and robbed. Susan spoke about starting over with nothing when her family returned to the United States eight years later. In a shaky voice, Sandra explained she had a similar experience as a missionary in Eastern Europe. Susan’s speech stirred up emotions Sandra had suppressed. Until Susan May Warren’s speech, Sandra didn’t know of anyone else who would understand.
Susan May Warren’s autograph for
my library book
“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14
As Sandra spoke, the silver charm of her necklace reflected the early morning sunlight. Inscribed on the simple charm was Psalm 139:14.  I knelt down and prayed for her. We hugged and I wiped my own misty eyes, wishing I had worn waterproof mascara.
There was no time for me to return to my room for headache medicine. While checking my make up in the lobby restroom and I realized my pounding headache was gone! Outside I skipped towards Sandra (yes I skipped). I was excited to explain how God removed my headache!
Did God give me a holy headache so that I would come across her path? Was my headache a test of selfless obedience? During my week at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, I signed up for several faculty appointments. However, my headache and discussion with my Sandra was divinely appointed.


What about you? Have you experienced a divine appointment? Please share in the reply below. 


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