Tuesday morning, I was standing in the kitchen washing dishes and singing my heart out. As I belted out praise songs, I was thankful the bible asks us to “Make a joyful noise before the Lord” (Psalms 100:1) because that is all I can offer. Immediately I thought about a woman from church. I love watching her sing. Oh yes, she has a fabulous voice but I love seeing the JOY of the Lord in her expressions. She has been redeemed from a difficult life and it shows!

I decided to take my thoughts of her a step further and call her. When the phone call went to voice mail I almost hung up. Instead I left the most random message in the history of messages. It went something like this:

“Uh hi, this is April, you know from church. I… well I was just thinking about you and I wanted you to know it. I am standing in my kitchen washing dishes and singing and thinking about how I love to hear you sing and watch you sing. You have such joy, I mean J-O-Y on your face that it is encouraging to me. I appreciate you, being you…no pretending, no masks, just yourself all the time. I know this must be the most random message, but I was thinking of you just now and I wanted you to know it. Love ya’ girl.”

What I didn’t know was at the same exact time, she was standing in her kitchen baking bread and bawling her eyes out. When the phone rang, she didn’t feel like talking and she let the call go to voice mail. She listened to my message and replied with this email:

I just got your voice message and it was exactly what I had to hear in that very moment. I was in my kitchen trying to bake bread, bawling my eyes out, feeling worthless and ugly, lonely, depressed and ready to jump off a cliff…literally. I was at my wits end. Telling God I was through. Tired of riding this up and down roller coaster. Tired of worshiping a God who I feel has abandoned me. Tired of trying to make everyone happy when my heart is in pieces most of the time and feeling like nobody really cares.
I wasn’t going to listen to Him so I suppose He had another way to get through to me. You.
Your message stung but healed. It made me realize my sinful, angry, selfish attitude,
but it also encouraged me to know that
I really am not alone and haven’t been abandoned no matter what my mind tells me.
Thank you for making that call. It was a lifesaver in so many ways.”*

Tuesday we were both standing in our kitchens, and yet we were not standing alone. God was there . God was beside me as I preformed the mundane task of washing dishes and even prompted me to make a phone call. God was beside my friend as she baked bread, wiping her eyes with the back of her hands wondering if anyone cares. God cares, in fact He was standing in the kitchen!

This was just another reminder that God is “El Roi” the Hebrew name for God meaning “God who sees me.” No matter where you are and what you’re doing God sees you and He has not abandoned you no matter what your mind tells you!

She gave the this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “El Roi” for you are the God who sees me. (Genesis 16:13)


*This email was used with permission.

May you and I be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.” Romans 1:12

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